Balik Kampung 2B: Contemplations
2nd Edition (2016)
Balik Kampung 2B: Contemplations
1st Edition (2013)

Balik Kampung 2B: Contemplations

Edited by Verena Tay

Balik Kampung 2B: Contemplations presents nine new tales in the Balik Kampung series whereby authors write short stories based on the neighbourhoods that they have lived in for at least ten years. How does one's environment affect one's outlook in life? Is your home your identity? How do people react to a specific place over time? The various short stories within this collection ponder over these questions and more. By the time you reach the last page, you are guaranteed to view parts of Singapore with a fresh perspective.

Summary of Contents

Under the Bridge

by Marc Nair

Gedong Gold

by Ann Ang

The Vomiting Incident

by Cyril Wong

Wayang Satu: Eight Scenes of Indifferent Drama

by Verena Tay

Cure Us of Prayers

by Wei Fen Lee


by Tania De Rozario

Such Great Heights

by Zizi Azah

Mama at Owen Road

by Gemma Pereira

Flying in the Face of Denouement

by Desmond Kon Zhicheng-Mingdé