The Car and Other Plays

The Car and Other Plays

Three specially selected school plays by seasoned theatre practitioner Verena Tay, including the award-winning 'The Car'. These three plays tap into the realm of myth and fantasy, while still being firmly rooted in the reality of living day-to-day in modern Singapore. Understanding both the teaching and learning needs of the teacher and student, these plays are the keys towards nurturing a passion for theatre, and at the same time, fitting the curriculum.

The Car and Other Plays is included within the Ministry of Education's list of recommended texts for the Lower Secondary School English Literature syllabus from 2017.

Summary of Contents

The Car

When her father dies, a young woman is left with his favourite Fiat Marvellete, a car ancient by Singapore standards, but by no means in pristine condition. She recalls the sometimes joyful, sometimes painful memories of sitting in the car, and is torn over keeping, selling or destroying a major link with her father. (The Car won ACTION Theatre’s Theatre Idols 2005.)

Queen Sophia and That Dog Buster

Sophia the cat rules over her household domain. Or so she thinks? A challenging play for physical theatre enthusiasts.

Imperfect​ Family Recipes

An elderly lady, a stroke victim, dreams of eating her favourite chicken dish.