Who is the greater victim: the murderer or the murdered? These three plays delve deep into the psyche and lives of both parties to understand the darkest drives that exist within all of us. Macabre and grotesque, they reveal a previously hidden facet of Verena Tay’s imagination.

Summary of Contents

The Art of Making Curry

A middle-aged caregiver battles between the need to fulfil her fulltime duty towards her demanding elderly charges and her desire to develop her own potential. Her conflict and frustrations build until she reaches the tipping point of murder and she uses her domestic skills in the only way she knows how to get rid of the evidence.

The Widow​

A widow hoards material things in the hope that these objects will fill her loneliness and emptiness. Yet, she pushes the logic of compulsive stockpiling by being extremely reluctant to even let go of any person who so happens to cross her path.

Mimi & Sonny at the Seventh Month Portal: When Karmic Credit Ends

In the afterlife, a compulsive murderer and his victims cope with the circumstances of their previous mortal lives and come to realise or not realise the lessons they were meant to learn.